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PTI of Guilford

PTI of Guilford

Location Details

  • 995 Boston Post Road
  • Guilford, CT 06437
  • (at the intersection of State Street and Post Road)

Club Hours

M-F: 6am - 9pm
Sat: 7am - 1pm

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Fitness Club Description

For the past 30 years we have created programs based on proven medical and scientific research. Our exclusive protocol, a personal program of exercise and nutrition, has helped many reach their fitness goals.

Our programs are designed by exercise physiologists and nutrition experts with the goal of producing the best results for your body type and lifestyle. There are no fad workouts, diets, or special foods to buy.

Programs available at PTI of Guilford

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Body PRO
Our Full Feature Program for Optimum Weight Loss & Fitness

Get up to 3 strength training sessions each week that you may schedule on non-consecutive days. You get a weekly private nutrition consultation and individualized program guided by a registered dietician and designed for your body type and lifestyle, and to meet your individual fitness goals. You will also get unlimited use of our cardio studio during regular facility hours. This is the package for those who are seriously ready to get in shape, lose weight, get and stay fit.

Trim & Tone; Get Started; Fitness Maintenance

Get up to 2 strength training sessions each week. You get a bi-weekly private nutrition consultation personalized just for you, your body and lifestyle, and to meet your individual fitness goals. You will also get unlimited use of our cardio studio during regular facility hours. This is the package for those who may just need a “tune-up” and for those with very demanding schedules.

Elite Fitness
This Is Our One-Hour Concentrated PTI Workout: The Ultimate Hour

You get one full hour with a PTI Certified Personal Fitness Trainer consisting of 12 minutes of supervised cardio in your target heart rate zone, 30 minutes of strength training using the latest technology in exercise equipment, 15 minutes of assisted stretching and a 3 minute cool down period. This is an exercise program with complete One-to-One attention to guide you and encourage you toward your individual fitness goals. Weekly visits with your personal nutritionist are also included. This is the program for those who are serious about changes in their fitness profile and those who are getting prepared for a big event like a wedding or other special occasion requiring you to look and feel your best.

Stretching a la Carte
Extend Your Trainer-Assisted Stretching Time or Just Come in for Stretching

These are either extended times dedicated to enhanced stretching techniques and added to the end of your strength training sessions, or used alone as a dedicated session just for stretching. Your personal fitness trainer will assist you in reaching maximum stretching effectiveness by incorporating static stretching and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches after an appropriate stretching warm-up. Stretching can add 10% - 20% to overall strength gain. Stretching can lessen muscle soreness, help to lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and balance and improve the quality of your sleep.

Student Fitness
Students at Any Level; It’s Never Too Early For Fitness!

Our same Body Pro and Body Basic packages are available for Students at a special rate! Get ready for sports by building muscle mass. Increase your endurance, lose weight, increase confidence, and get in shape to insure your best performance on the field and in life. Better fitness can add to better performance in school!

Senior Fitness
Fitness Helps Improve Lifestyle at Any Age!

This program allows our PTI Certified Personal Fitness Trainers and Nutritionists to introduce a customized and well-rounded strength training and cardio exercise program, coupled with proper nutrition for older adults who either may never have been exposed to a fitness program, or have been on relax time for many years. Increase your bone density, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce the onset of osteoporosis, improve your balance and stability, generally Improve mobility and enhance your lifestyle. Special attention is paid to realistic fitness goal setting, appropriate teaching skills, safety, effectiveness and time.

Special Health
Specialized Programs for Every Condition and Level

Individualized programs designed for those with special needs and those in need of special treatment. This program is for clients who may be pregnant or post partum, with concerns about hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, scoliosis or various orthopedic conditions. We help you work in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.

Corporate Fitness
Group Savings Plans for Large or Small Employers

Business groups of any size can save on fitness at PTI. We provide specialized fitness and nutrition programs for individuals, with the added benefit of group pricing. PTI is the only fitness center that provides Certified Personal Fitness Trainers and Nutritionists Led by a Registered Dietician. Every client gets One-to-One personal attention with every visit. Better fitness leads to better overall health, improved attitude, more productivity, reduced absenteeism and reduced health care costs.

PTI Nutrition
Private Nutrition Consultations For Your Specific Goals

You will meet with a PTI Nutritionist for private nutrition consultations and an individualized program will be provided based on your specific goals. Your consultations will include body composition analysis, behavior modification techniques, analysis of your health and fitness goals and a weekly review of your dietary intake and exercise output.  We will also provide you with our PTI proprietary eating guide and support you every step of the way until you reach your fitness goals.